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National Day of Mourning

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Bush jr. did what is father was unable to achieve: another four years in the white house. But Bush Sr. would have been far better than his son. W will be able to appoint at least 2 supreme court justices because of the GOP controlled congress. These appointees will be conservative, leading to the possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade, and further discriminating against gay rights. And there won't be anything to stop them until 2008. At least W can't run for term 3 (though I've wondered about the possibility that since he wasn't really elected for his first term, does this election count as term 1?).

But there may be some bright spots in all of this murkiness.

1) W can't run again. Whatever else happens, he will not be in office beyond 2008.

2) The dems have a chance to really groom someone who can win--maybe Hillary? As much as I was opposed to a 2nd Bush term, I wasn't terribly excited about Kerry. And if he had won, chances are he would have run for re-election, posing the possibility of 8 bad-ish years under Kerry. Now at least the playing field is a little more open again.

2-a) Don't get me wrong, though. I don't think Hillary is the 2008 candidate. America is not ready to consider the possibility of a female commander in chief, particularly if we are still at "non-war" with Iraq, et al. Americans have proven themselves time and time again that they are not smart enough to look beyond race, class, gender, sexuality.

3) The GOP may once again have been given enough rope with which to hang themselves (remember the 1992 election following our friend Newt's "Contract with America?"). It blows my mind that American people don't remember what happened last time there were no checks and balances in government, but maybe if we go through this again (*big sigh of frustration and much rolling of eyes*), they'll finally get it.

All that aside, I'm still in favor of moving to Canada. or Australia. or Italy. or anywhere else. Even Antarctica... Bright spots or not, it will be a rough 4 years, not counting the number of years it will take to restore everything that will be destroyed:

the environment
women's rights
gay rights
civil liberties
the U.S. Constitution
America's place in world politics (at least what's left of it)


It does appear to be mostly doom and gloom for the next 4 years. The scary part is that we as a nation made this decision. What does that tell you about the majority of folks out there?

On the other hand, perhaps this is exactly what the country needs... Jefferson said "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." And I honestly believe him. Perhaps this is a step towards the overthreow of the system as it stands. As the middle class erodes, and is replaced by a huge class division, it will be interesting to observe the change in the way folks think....And act.

To borrow from South Park--what we were faced with in this election was a Giant Douche, and a Turd Sandwich. Neither choice is particularly appealing. Granted, The dissolution of our civil liberties might have taken longer if the nation had elected Kerry, instead--but it most likely would have still occurred. Now that it is assured to happen quickly--perhaps the needed changes to our society will come much more quickly as well.

At least the near future will be quite interesting....

Pardon my Ramble...:)

It could be as many as four Supremes...shall we have a wake this weekend?!