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Oh, the Names they Bear

If we adopt Payton (and I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much), we would possibly be looking at changing his name. Caela was a year and a half when we adopted her, and we were able to change her name quite successfully from Blaze to Micaela. I've been going through little boy names, though, and having some trouble coming up with names that keep an "ayton" sound to them; at the very least, we should probably try to keep the "ay" sound.

Any good suggestions out there?


If you name him Peregrin, shorten it to Grin. Ha, Ha, just kidding. I say pick him up, bring him home, and try out different names. Shilo and I both knew she was not a "Daisy" which was the shelter name. I just kept trying names that I thought I'd like, and Shilo was the first one we both agreed on. (She rejected Gabrielle and all its variations Gabby, Brie, Ella.)

If we call him Peregrin, would we then shorten it to Perry?

i guess it depends on how big of LOTR geeks you are... both Theodin and Peregrin work well. can you guess what we have been watching the last couple of nights???

I'd go with Patton.

I'm not sure it matters all that much. Our second family dog was dropped off at the shelter and they didn't leave a name with him. We had no problems when we renamed him.

I'm of the opinion that the vowel sound is less important than the rhythm and accent of the name. In other words, any 2 syllable name that is said enthusiastically in the presence of treats will quickly be assumed by your new friend.