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We will be interviewing Payton (and I guess he'll be interviewing us) while we're in Houston over Christmas. I'm trying not to get too excited, given that adopting a new dog is always an uncertainty, especially when we're several states and many miles away from the rescue organization. But his foster family had very good things to say about him:

Thank you for writing to us. We feel much more comfortable about Payton's future (probably with you) after reading your email. We love him so much after fostering him for six months now. He has been an absolute joy and we're sure he will make a wonderful companion for you and Remy.

Payton and Zorro, both young mantle males, grew up together with us during the summer. Zorro has since been adopted to a loving but noisy familly with three school aged children. Zorro was more laid back and less sensitive than Payton, so was a better fit for that family. Payton is now a little over one year old, he's very handsome, elegant and sociable. We've attached a fairly recent picture of him although he looks a bit thin on that photo.

He would love to share the couch and snuggle with you. At the same time he loves to run and play too. He's used to being home with our other two Danes for 9-10 hours while we are at work. He has several nylabones and teddies to keep him occupied. He will suck on rugs, dog beds and pick away at them slowly. He used to go in the crate during the day but he prefers to snuggle up with Chloe our five year old Dane. When the crate is up, Chloe chooses to go in it just to get away from him for a break!

He sounds like he'll be a very good dog for us, and that he and Remy should do just fine together. I'm still a little nervous, though, that something might go wrong, or that it might not work out, or that we'll get home and a few weeks later realize that it won't work. Scott and I did have some issues around adopting Caela, though, and she turned into one of the best dogs we've ever owned, so I can only continue to hope for the best.


Aw, so cute! Best of luck with the interview/adoption...

good luck! looks beautiful!