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I need to get the kids to a dog park. Uncle Dave said he found the one near us when he took Remy running when he was here last month (Remy still hasn't forgiven us for taking Uncle Dave away). Dave said that since neither he nor Remy were properly licensed at the time, Remy just had to play on the outside of the fence.

Dooce, in Salt Lake City, UT, where Uncle Dave coincidentally also lives, took pictures and made a little montage of their recent visit to the dog park. Note the Great Dane in picture 5 that is smaller than our puppy boy...he actually looks quite similar to Payton. There are also a bunch of puppy pictures that are just dripping with cuteness.

Someday, I promise, kids, I will get you to a dog park. But you should really be bugging your daddy, who is staying home today because he can.


There looks to be a neat one in Roseville too. I have to get a license to take PJ to Chuck E. Cheese too. har har

Lando needs some dog park time as well...maybe I'll finally get around to licencing him and taking advantage of the one in our neighborhood.