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Tail's a'waggin'


Great Dane tails are truly amazing. They are strong enough to break fish tanks (I've heard), and they leave welts and bruises when they hit you (I've experienced). Payton's tail is interesting in and of itself (yes, the name stuck). It starts out like a normal Great Dane tail, but after about a foot or so it turns upward into the beginnings of a curl. For those of you who know Lucy, it's not quite as curly as her tail is, but it definitely curls up. And it's always wagging.

While on a normal dog a curly tail might indicate less power toward the end (anyone who knows Danes knows that normal straight tails don't lose any power; they get whippier at the end), or at least would hope the curl would have some effect on the power of the tail, Payton's tail seems to take on new dimensions in tail-wagging prowess. The curl allows him to clear multiple levels, and to leave bruises in a variety of places...just ask Scott. ;-)

And it certainly doesn't help that he hasn't quite figured out that his rear end is connected to him. He's always wagging, and frequently has no idea why.


Ha Ha! My neighbors had two Great Dane's when I was growing up. Those guys were huge! I remember playing with them and the whole dog was powerful including the tail!