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Church of Dog

We went to the dog park again today. It's so much fun there, and the kids just love it. They got to play with big and small, puppy and oldster. And everyone there is a dog person. Not just people who like dogs, but people who belong to the Church of Dog. I'm going to try to worship there more often.


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I biked past there today. I did a nice bike ride around Mpls and St Paul today, and went by lots of parks and along lots of trails. I saw lots of dogs.

I like how dogs basically love every other dog. I saw the typical Two People Walking Opposite Directions And Their Dogs Just Have To Meet Each Other scenario played out several times. Every times the dogs seem so happy to meet another dog. "Wow! Your butt smells great!" "Yours too!"

People should be more like that. Except for the butt-smelling-great part.