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Dog Park Romps

Payton is thoroughly full of spring fever and was just impossible when we came home this evening. So I gave in, and with our brand-new 2005 dog park licenses in hand, we went off to explore the off-leash recreation area in Columbia Heights. Both kids were wonderful. Remy made lots of human friends with her charming ways, and Payton just couldn't get enough of all of the other dogs. We had quite the crowd there: 2 other danes, a newf, a saint, 2 young vizlas, 3 bernese, 2-3 collies, several goldens, at least one pug, a boxer, an adorable brindle am staff puppy, 2 airedales, a few labs, a spaniel of some variety whose breed escapes me, and countless mixed breeds, crosses, mutts, and just plain old dogs. I'm actually not sure whether the kids had more fun or I had more fun. But, at least it solved the problem of the impossible puppy-boy--he's sacked out now. :-) Mission accomplished.


We've only gone to the St. Anthony Parkway one. It's very close to home and in a pretty nice area.

Which dog park? We've been meaning to get Lando to one forever now...