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Got any socks to get rid of?

Sock Dogs!!! I am just going to have to make one of these.

Sock Dogs Trio created by Naive Knitting

I would post a picture, but it just feels strange, since I haven't made one yet. Go to the site though. They're CUTE!



OMG! Fun! I wish I could make one. I mean *maybe* I could figure it out. Then again, maybe I should stay focused on the other hobbies I haven't mastered rather than picking up a new one.

I have a whole large drawer full of nothing but knee high socks, and I never wear them. Most were Grandmother's. I would be happy to sent them out that way and you and Becka could share. Let me know if either of you want them.

OMG! those are so cute. must go forth and find striped socks!