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House cleaning


Those who have been to our house know how true this question is. And John and Stacie in particular know how Remy will make a beeline for the toy box, then systematically scatter them through the house. There's probably a bone or a toy on every surface the dogs are allowed on (so basically everywhere but the beds, the tables, and the kitchen counter :-) ).

Now my grandmother's dog, Ursa, would actually come to give her things. Every evening when the dogs got their cookies, Ursa would eat part of hers, but want to save the rest for later. She'd give it to my grandmother, who would "bury" it under the fabric arm rest covers (you know, those things that always are crooked and fall off the arms of chairs...). Ursa would come back periodically to check to make sure her cookie (and occasionally, her toy) was still there. Then, finally, at the end of the evening, she'd finish her snack, much to the dismay of the other dogs, who had long since wolfed theirs down.