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Exhibition at a Dogpark: I-Fri - Nourishment

May 18 Edit: I've decided to make this entry my Illustration Friday entry for this week as well. Not only is the dog park nourishing for my kids, but it's also the best place I can go to relieve any stress or negativity I may have. It truly nourishes my soul.

Now back to your regularly scheduled May 15th entry:

I've been taking my camera to the dog parks recently. Someone in the Twin Cities had posted a flyer advertising their dog park painting. Rather than buying someone else's version, I thought I'd try one of my own; hence, taking the camera. I've gotten some really cute pictures of dogs interacting at the park to work from. The best part is that we actually know a lot of these dogs. I don't yet have a canvas big enough to do what I want with it, but here are some previews of what could be included. The link under each painting will take you to the original photo.


Zoe in the water dish


Remy and Wilbur


Moe and dachshund


Angel, Dove, Wendell and border collie


These are all really good! I like Zoe & water dish best though! :)

Your paintings are great! You really get the perspective and proportions down... I am jealous because I have PPDD: Perspective Proportion Deficit Disorder.
I love the dog park too!
I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Cool! Your drawing of Zoe in the water dish looks like Lena in the supper dish. I hope you can get some good pictures of my puppies when you are here!