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Walk for Animals


Payton, Remy, and I participated in the Golden Valley Walk for Animals on Saturday. It was a 5-mile walk through one of the prettier parks in the Twin Cities, Wirth Park. I don't know any numbers or the amount raised, be the three of us raised $200. Thank you so much to all who helped out.

The Walk itself was a blast. I will definitely be doing it again next year. We found a few other Danes to hang out with. It's amazing how the breeds recognize their own. Payton really seems to like Huskies, and he's also very interested in little dogs, but he just gets giddy when he sees other Danes. Vinnie is a very handsome mantle-merle who is just 1 month younger than Payton, but a little taller, and quite a bit more filled out. At the half-way rest area, we let the two galumph around with each other a little. Vinnie's mom, Robbin, and I even exchanged phone numbers because they were having so much fun together.

We probably saw almost every breed of dog. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs were one of the more unusual types. There was another dog that is similar to the Dogue de Bordeaux (and, in fact, might even have been one) that was obviously a new mother and one of her pups. They were cute.

Lots of little dogs, either small breeds or genuine puppies. There was one basset puppy that was just racing in circles. But while dogs were the predominant species in attendance, we also saw ponies, cats, ferrets, rats, and I overheard someone saying they saw a goat. The little dogs were dressed in all variety of sweaters and riding in a multitude of contraptions, from strollers to bags to wicker baskets to arms (I saw one guy carrying a corgi, which was probably quite a load).

The only even close to negative things about the day were the poor instructions from the traffic control cops on where to park since they weren't letting anyone into the actual clinic area by the time I got there and the weather. Very chilly for spring in Minnesota.