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I won't grow up


Went to see Peter Pan last night, with Cathy Rigby doing her final tour in the role. We had a lot of fun. Our seats were in the mezzanine level of the Ordway, and so far over that we weren't able to see one side of the stage. At the intermission, we were able to move, because the audience was surprisingly small. It was a little sad to see how few people were there. But we had a lot of fun, nonetheless. Peter Pan is probably one of my very favorite children's stories, and I also kept seeing the ideas from Finding Neverland popping up as well.


Beth and I went to see Peter Pan in London when Ian McKellan played Hook. We both agree it was the best show we have ever attended. I loved how the set and actors made me feel like imagination never does go away.

Whoops! I need to clarify. I do love the movie that is a tape of the Broadway play. The movie I don't like is the one that, for the first time ever, a little boy actually played Peter Pan.

I loved this play. I was disappointed, though, because Cathy did not fly out over our seats. But it was wonderful. I did not care for the movie version that came out recently, but I love Finding Neverland. I just watched it again and cried.

It's nice to see Peter Pan not associated with a certain "wacko" pop star...