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a reason to visit houston


The Black Labrador Pub!

And the Great Dane Brewery and Pub in Madison (which I see also has an online gift shop now...)

We have a Black Dog Cafe in St. Paul which doesn't have a web site, but does have a review.

Any other cool dog pubs/cafes I should know about?


Whoa! I was AT that pub in Houston. Really!

They have free wifi, and outside there's a huge chessboard painted on the pavement, with knee-high chess pieces. My friends played a game while we sat outside.

I have also been at the Great Dane, of course. It totally rules.

There's a White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia and a Junkyard Dog in Glasgow, Scotland....

Lucky Labrador Brewpub
915 SE Hawthorne
Portland, Oregon 97214
Phone: (503) 236-3555
Hours: 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

Cool...too bad it's in Texas. :-(