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Dog Days

Today was just dog days in the comics world.


At last, a use for Payton's tail. He's always wagging; frequently he's beating something with his tail when he wags. It's particularly amusing when he is standing in a doorway and hitting both sides with the tail, or when he hits a dresser handle that makes noise, or when he...let's face it, he's just funny.


Neither of our current kids sleeps on their backs. Remy will roll onto her back when she's being cute and wanting attention, but she won't sleep that way. Puppy-boy doesn't even roll onto his back. Caela used to; with the exception of the tongue hanging out (she was much to dignified for that) she adopted the "on-the-back-with-one-leg-in-the-air" pose. I have a few good pictures of one paw visible over the back of the couch.

Rhymes_with_Orange 1020.gif

The older dog or the dog who was looking the other direction when you threw the ball/stick/toy and therefore has no clue that it's not even in your hands anymore.