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Illustration Friday--Cat

I'm finally able to post another I-Fri painting. This (coming) week's topic is "Cat." And not only do I have two paintings, but I even have them in on the first day!


This is mom's Annie-cat. She's somewhere in the neighborhood of 21-24 years old now; we've had her since 1987, and she was 2-4 years old when we got her then. At first, we never saw her. The food and water were gone, and we'd have to clean the litterbox, but the cat was essentially a ghost. Eventually she'd come out for us, but no one else. She did get to the point with us where she'd sit on the kitchen table (the top picture) and yell at us if we didn't give her some of the milk from our cereal.

Now, Annie isn't afraid of anything. She'll hiss and swat at dogs who come to close, but she'll stay out for company, even complete strangers. She's not doing too well health-wise, but when you figure how old she is, she's pretty darn amazing.


What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful cat!

Before I had even scrolled down I was saying, "OOOOH! It's my Annie Cat." She is so thin now and her coat is no longer shiny because she just can't wash it like she used to. But she is still so sweet. She hardly ever screams for milk any more.

The cat story is as nice as the painting! Love them both.

Beautiful illustration.Bravo

i love the way you are capturing fur. the light undercoat with the darker fur on top - both on remy and annie-cat. it just looks thick and fluffy. i also love payton's ear (somewhere down a few posts). black is soooo hard and his ear especially has lovely glossy looking highlights.

These sketeches are lovely.