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Underwater Adventure

I actually attempted scuba diving last night. My friend, Andy, is certified, and will be going on a scuba trip in Feb. He went to a refresher course that met at the same time as an intro course (to see if you're interested in certification training). Since I'm game to try most things once (I will never, ever, ever jump out of an airplane or bungee jump. The plane can crashe with me in it. I don't care.), I joined him.

There are definitely some things I don't like. Because the air from the tanks is "just air," it's dry. That makes your mouth and throat very dry, like when you're getting work done at the dentist and can't swallow. I really don't like dry mouth, so I had to work around that.

I also have a huge phobia about not being able to breath through my nose. I'm okay with the mask on, but at the very beginning when the instructor told us to breathe with the regulator and stick our heads in the water, that was a little freaky, and I did try breathing water once. The other issue with that, though, is my eyesight. Because I'm so blind, I have to wear glasses or contacts to see. Since I had my contacts in, I had to close my eyes in water. Maybe without my contacts, I could open them, and then breathing without the mask would be better. If I ever do this for real, though, I'd want to wear my contacts so that I can actually see (I can't imagine the cost of getting a prescription mask with my lack of vision). But if something happened on a dive and I lost my mask, I'd probably be in deep water, pun and no pun intended, with my contacts in. So that's a mental note I'll have to make for myself.

Finally, my mouth got a little sore from the regulator. My lips and the roof of my mouth seemed to be developing calluses, which were rather bothersome. But the instructor said that the mouthpieces can be changed, so I'm not too worried about that.

On the good side, though, it is fun to be able to breathe and sea underwater. Because I'm so blind, I've never really been able to see anything underwater at swimming pools, so this is definitely a chance to see again. I hate swimming pools, and without fish or reefs or coral or anything, it's pretty boring, but just going through certification so that I CAN see interesting stuff might be worth it. Certification from the place we went last night is 5 nights + 5 open water dives at Square Lake.

There's a lot of stuff to remember, but I do enjoy challenging myself to some extent. No final decision on whether to go the full extent yet, but it's definitely a possibility.


Definitely want to try scuba some day. Maybe they will have an orthodontic conference at some tropical location and I will have a chance to try it.

Congratulations for trying something new. When we visited Cozumel, i was happy just to snorkel, but i think that scuba diving would be really fun! Go for it!

I'm a bit clausterphobic, so I don't know about this! :)

Interesting...I've always been curious about scuba, but never enough to try it. Sounds, dare I say it, fun?