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EDM #52--Draw a Dog and #40--Draw Something With Folds


The most recent Every Day Matters challenge was to draw a dog. I've been trying to capture the basset hound I had in a different lifetime, Max, for a while now. This picture is pretty typical of him...the back of my mother's couch was one of his favorite places.

I'm also hoping to pass this off as Draw Something With Folds also, because the drapes and couch covering both have folds in them. I'm happier with the drapes than the couch, but I pretty much like the whole thing.

The kanji in the corner is the sign of the Year of the Dog (2006), and it is a stamp that I carved. My first one!


Once again, before I even scrolled down, I was going, "AAAHHH!" I know immediately it was my little granddog, Max. When I saw the title, dogs and folds, I assumed Max was going to be both. As a bassett, he had lots of folds. The drapes are very good. I remember them well. (Thank goodness they are gone!) I wondered what the little symbol in the corner was. Thanks for the explanation. How appropriate it. You did a very good job on that, too.

Max's grandma.

Sigh- Excellent likeness. Quite moving really. Thank you

I think this is your best dog so far, but don't let Peyton or Remy read this, or they might be offenced.

Oh, so cute! You have totally captured that sweet expression!

I just love bassett hounds...they are so sweet and friendly...great job!