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EDM: Challenge #59: Signs of Spring


The other night I was coming home from church (the dog park), and I saw the huge full moon rising just above the street. I tried to get a photo, but I'm not sure it will come out at all. So I painted from memory, with a few "fantasy" elements (as in the entire foreground).

I love spring. True, we really haven't had winter, but spring is always so exciting to me. In Minnesota I've discovered a shade of "sprng green" on the trees that was in Crayola crayon boxes, but I never really saw in Wyoming. Spring is definitely my favorite season--I even like the spring snow and the spring mud!


I thought this was absolutely exquisite when I saw it. We had the same beautiful huge moon. Boomerang took a picture with St. Matthew's cathedral and the moon at the top of the steeple. Our residents were all squirrelly. When I first saw the winter tree with the crows I thought what a nice start for a Four Seasons series. (I really like four seasons pictures.) This one would go beautifully with the crows. Spring is my LEAST favorite season - all those blizzards if you live in the Rocky Mountains, all the rain and cold in Europe. I do remember, though, that spring in New England was also gorgeous. In fact, I liked the spring colors better than the fall colors.

You painting is beautifully rendered, well done.

Funny, I saw the same scene from the back deck, while letting Max, the Wonder Dog out on his string...I grabbed the camera and took a photo too. Picture doesn't quite capture the moment.
First day of spring in the Black Hills, 12" of snow, still snowing, birdfeeders busy and a snow day from school. At least the daffodils and crocuses are under a comfy blanket.
Caroline Stafford

Great painting.

LOVELY!!!! I really love the scene you've chosen and your sentiments!

"The other night I was coming home from church (the dog park)"

Recently I've been noticing that on Sunday mornings, a large majority of the pedestrians I see are walking dogs. It really does seem like a church...there's no building, no guy in robes, but they get up on Sunday morning and do their thing. It's nice. :)