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EDM: Frame and Its Picture / Someone You Love


I haven't been able to do many Everyday Matters challenges recently. But I felt particularly drawn to this one; it actually fills two challenges: the recent "draw a frame and the picture in it" and "draw someone/thing you love."

The picture is of my husband and our first Great Dane. We were camping, and she was gloomy because she had to stay on leash. S. sat down on a stump to talk to her a little; the picture is actually one of my favoites because of the loving expression between them.

The frame is also special. One of my best friends gave it to me when we lost our Golden Retriever 7 years ago. The center portion is two pieces of glass between which you place the picture. They are held together by the four silver clamps that are connected to the wooden frame around the glass. I didn't put it in, but there is also a silver part at the bottom that acts as a base or stand for the frame.


I also love this picture. To me it is a picture of a father bonding with a daughter. You did a beautiful job of re-creating it in watercolor.

A lovely painting and sweet story to go with it.

The watercolor is precious...as is the subject. What a nice picture!