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I-Fri: Monster

Many people consider large dogs to be "monsters." Especially when their four-year-olds are involved. Thank goodness my mom didn't. :-)


I may come back and do the face at a later point, but I've already scratched it off once. I hate faces, even though that's one of the best parts of this picture.


This is me with Sherman, my grandparents' Landseer Newfoundland. Sherman was HUGE. He was actually named "Fisherman," but somehow "Sherman Tank" usually seemed more appropriate. He was the peacemaker. if any two beings were fighting, he simply got between them. Who was to argue with that? I don't have any personal memories of the experiences, but apparently it was something to see a dog or two bounce off of Shermie's body as though they had just hit a brick wall.


What a sweet and wonderful gentle giant!

Nice illustration, I like it's simplicity.

Though I love faces, this looks rather interesting without a face - it makes one focus on the dog a bit more. I like it.

This is such a neat piece. So friendly and non-monster-looking. Great job.

I kind of like the painting without faces, any small child with any large dog. Shermie gives a new meaning to the word, "monster." Huge, yes, but he was a true gentle giant.

What a wonderful friend to have had. Jean

What a wonderful friend to have had. Jean

Actually, I think big dogs with tales consider kids as monsters! Great painting! BTW, I feel the same way about faces.