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I-Fri: Feet


Last summer we were at a Great Dane party with some friends I met at the Walk for Animals. One of the puppies there was Karl (Carl?), one of the biggest black Great Danes ever. And Karl's mommies weren't there, so he was a little ansty. Which means that he sits on laps. I love this picture of his four Great Dane feet and Robin's two people feet.



I just came across this and laughed out loud!! I'm one of Karl's mommies!

Oh my gosh, hahah, that is adorable!

I thought this one was so cute and so clever.

Wow...this is such a startling picture, but very funny! My german shepherd tries to sit on my lap and she's way too big - I can't even imagine a great dane doing that! Thanks for the fun story and the great picture:>

How gorgeous! I'd love a great dane that sits on laps!!!

What a weird and wonderful photo to choose. The crop is great but I'd love to see the whole thing.

This is very good indeed! Do more.

Fun! A great dane party sounds scary.

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