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Payton is not a "small horse"...

A lot of people at "church" tell me that I don't have a dog, I have a small horse. Here is proof they are incorrect. This is a small horse. Granted, the small horse is doing the patented "Great Dane Lean" maneuver, and granted, Payton and I share kisses like picture #2, but he is an actual dog. (More wonderfully addicting cute pictures can be found at Cute Overload--just don't blame me for the new vocabulary words of "prosh" and "anerable".....)

On the other hand, check out Ginne Saunders' recent DaDane and find the picture of MACH DESERTWOOD'S LV MR BOJANGLES, CDX, RN, and then you might be able to come back to tell me that I'm full of it, and I really do have a small horse. :-)