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Reading Log: Chicks with Sticks (It's a Purl Thing)


Chicks with Sticks: It's a Purl Thing by Elizabeth Lenhard is a very cute quick read. It's about the friendships that 15-year-old Scottie Shearer forms and reforms through knitting. This was definitely not the high school I went to. First, Starker High School encourages independence and creativity amongst its students. Second, if I didn't know as much about technology as I do, I might not be able to understand the computer terminology.

But aside from that, gotta love the knitting. At Scottie's Aunt Roz's funeral, her great-aunt teaches her to knit. At first Scottie tries to hide her addiction to knitting, until she finds Knitwit, a small yarn store owned by Alice, an adult who finally seems to understand Scottie. One by one, three other grils from Starker, one of who is Scottie's best friend, also find their way to the shop. Knitting ultimately becomes a habit for all of them, no matter how hard they try not to.

I bring knitting to a variety of functions these days, as do many other people I know. I've brought it to training sessions, and there are two people on one of my committees who knit during the meetings. I just love having something to do with my hands while I'm otherwise occupied. I can't watch movies without doing some sort of crafts. I'm not sure I find it quite as therapeutic as the girls in this book do, but I definitely do enjoy it. And someday maybe I'll be able to move on to sweaters too!


Uh oh, sounds like you are getting to be like Grandma. She was always knitting something. The "little boys" figured if they gave her some steel wool, she could knit them a VW.