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Take your dog-ter to work

Payton had to go to the doctor this morning to get his owie toe checked out. Looks like he damaged a nail pretty badly, but with as stoic as these critters are, he really didn't tell us he had a problem until I noticed he had licked his foot so much it was no longer white.

So, rather than leaving little Remy-laud at home alone, I brought her to work with me. I love having that option.

We took a little walk around campus at lunch, and nearly everyone smiled or acknowledged her cuteness in some way. Dogs should definitely be more welcome on campuses for their therapeutic values alone.


How is Payton doing? I can just imagine everyone making a fuss over little Remy-laud. She is so cute! I make a fuss over dogs walking by the facility when I leave in the evening. Some are still quite young and energetic and their young college companions are trying to teach them appropriate manners. I'm always sort of surprised when they thank me for helping them socialize their pet.

Wow, I didn't know you could take dogs into U buildings! Hope Peyton's doing OK.