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The more people I meet....

the more I like my dogs. I mean, really like my dogs. Several of us regulars were at church tonight (no, Mom, not that church), minding our own business, watching our kids running around. Then two women entered, with two dogs, and, believe it or not, a 3 or so year old girl. Who the mom decided to let wander around. Ms. Three-Year-Old is quite a bit shorter than Payton, and only slightly taller than the 7-month-old puppy who knocked her down and stole her hat. By the looks mom and friend were giving, you'd think the puppy pooped all over the Mona Lisa. WHY do you bring your 3 yo to the DOG park and then get UPSET when the DOGS act like DOGS????? Argh.


Some people (like me) have too much imagination. Some people have no imagination. I might have taken you to a park with off-leash dogs when you were little, but more likely would not have. Just because I could see them knocking you down. Of course, you would have loved it. And you probably would be pleased that the dog ran off with your hat so you didn't have to wear it any more.

This all being said, I wouldn't let a dog knock my son down (I'd block it) and I wouldn't get upset if a dog took his hat. :)

Maybe they didn't understand that dogs are pretty much free-range in those places? Maybe their child likes dogs so much they thought it would be fun? Maybe they couldn't get a sitter but still wanted to take their dogs out? I thought about taking PJ to a dog park once with Lando et al, but have since re-thought that - probably not a good idea. Dogs aren't allowed at Chuck E. Cheese either. :)