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Walk for Animals

Once again I will be participating in the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society's Walk for Animals. Click the picture to go to the main page for more information.


The kids and I had a great time last year. It was a coolish day, perfect for a nice 5 mile stroll up and down a parkway (I'm not even really sure where we went....). People who lived on the route actually came out and sat in lawn chairs to watch the parade. The Walk is where we met one of Payton's best friends, Vinnie, a huge Mantle-Merle dane, and Whitney, and grand old lady dane. That meeting also led to meeting Karl, the infamous lapsitter.

I'm happy to receive pledges from anyone who is interested in sponsoring me. Make checks payable to Animal Humane Society.

(As a side note, yes, I am still planning to also do the MS Allianz 60/30 Bike Tour again, but I'm not actively seeking pledges for that one. I'll just pay the entry fee there. Also haven't decided whether to do the 30 or the 60 either. Part of that decision will probably be based on what the actual day's weather is like; wind and drizzle will mean 30 miles.)