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Black Hills Dogs

And no blog entry would be complete without puppy pictures. Becka's family has a new miniature schnauzer named Captain Jack Sparrow (aka Jack). They brought him out to the house so we could meet him, and we all thought great dane / 11 week schnauzer puppy pictures would be cute. The first picture is one Becka's dad took, and the rest are ones I took.


Captain Jack alone

Nose to nose with Payton

Captain Jack with Remy


I tried to post when I saw the picture of the three dogs the first time, but that's when my computer was dying and I couldn't send anything. At first I didn't see Captain Jack at all. The other pictures are cute. Captain Jack II is about as cute as his namesake. I did try several variations of Captain Jack Sparrow for Shilo - Cappie, Jackie, Sparrow. But Shilo was the name she chose, so that's what she got.

Love it!