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Fighting for Seats

Both of our kids want to be on the couch we're on when watching movies. It's usually fine when it's just me. I sit on the far right, Remy sits nearly on top of me, then Payton sprawls on the rest of the couch, usually annoying Remy to the point she just gets up. When both S and I are on the couch, however, the situation changes. The usual rule is no dogs cause we both need the extra space. Which seems to have a very traumatic impact on great danes...both this one and the one we used to have. Doesn't matter that there is a second couch they can have all to themselves.

Payton would SO employ this trick.........if he could get over his fear of the cones.



It's funny, while Lando usually loves to hang out with us when we're anywhere upstairs, he doesn't seem to like hanging with us when we're in the basement watching movies; it's usually the cats who insist on lounging on the couch with us.