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Reading Log: Labyrinth by Kate Mosse


I saw this book for the first time in the Amsterdam airport coming back from Germany in April. Thought it looked interesting, but a little expensive in Europe, so thought I'd just pick it up here at home. Yeah, right. Just now out in hardcover, which I don't usually buy. So I picked it up in Amsterdam on my way back from Norway. Almost finished it on the flight, too, all 697 pages of it. Labyrinth is an anthropological mystery. It reads very much like A. S. Byatt's Possession: A Romance, which means difficult to put down.

There are definitely significant plausibility issues with the book. As mythology dictates, the quest for the grail is the quest for the fountain of youth, or at least the extension of life. I had a sense of many of the directions the book was going, many of which required a firm suspension of disbelief. Fortunately, I can do that if the story is good enough. Which this one is. Mosse has a good sense of timing...she switches between time periods by leaving the reader at a cliffhanger. I knew where the cliffhangers would be, but that didn't make them any less dramatic.

Interestingly, religion, historical artifacts, and secret societies are all parts of Mosse's novel, much like The Da Vinci Code. Both must have been originally published at around the same time. Makes me wonder what's going on in society right now that is sparking novels about secret societies, intrigue, dishonesty at high levels of wealth and society....oh, wait. This is America under the shrub tyranny.