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The Hot Spot

No, I'm not talking about the trendy new place to see and be seen. My poor little Remy girl has developed a nasty hot spot on her left hip. I took the kids to the river dog park a week ago today, and on Thursday, she had an oozing bald spot. We do have a vet appointment this afternoon--hopefully they can at least get a better clean and antibacteria ointment than I have. She's been a little conehead since Thursday, and most unhappy about it.

Count the factors that can contribute to hot spots: golden retrievers are susceptible; hot and humid conditions; lots of long hair; fleas or other allergens; dogs with histories of ear infections and other allergies; dogs with histories of anal gland irritations. Given that Remy qualifies for all of the above conditions, I'm amazed that we haven't had this problem before.


Poor little Remy! I hope she is better. Lena has some kind of owy on her right hip. It doesn't really qualify as a "hot spot" but she keeps worrying at at.