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Reading Log: Kingdom of the Golden Dragon by Isabel Allende


I picked up Kingdom of the Golden Dragon in the Amsterdam airport on the way home from Norway. I didn't read it immediately because I read Labyrinth instead. I probably would have finished in on the plane; I didn't realize when I picked it up that it is book 2 of a trilogy for young adults.

Fortunately, I was able to get into the story right away without any previous knowledge necessary. It seems as though each book can be a stand-alone, though the main characters progress through all three, and it makes more sense to read them in order since the order is chronological. if I were younger with fewer books on my reading list, I probably would hunt down the other two books. As it is, while the story is intriguing, it's not quite enough for me to keep going.

Alex Cold, a teenager from California, joins his grandmother on her expedition to the Kingdom of the Golden Dragons, high in the Himalayas. His grandmother has also invited a friend of Alex's, Nadia, whom he met on their previous adventure (in the previous book). Allende does a nice job juxtaposing the mystical (prophecy, the Golden Dragon that is said to speak to the king, the Yeti) with technology (helicopters, bad guys with big guns). There is plenty of adventure, and even some explosions, which ought to appeal to both boys and girls.


Thanks for your comment on my blog - I have taken note and won't read Pigs in Heaven until I find Bean Trees!

Also you mentioned Stones From the River. I should have added that to the list - Babelbabe sent it to me and raved about it. But I haven't got to it yet. Although my husband read it and loved it.