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Lena: 1997/98 (?) -- 2007


Mom called me on Saturday to say that she had lost her lovely Lena lady. She had been out of the house all day, and came home to find Lena in her favorite spot. The vet said it was probably very quick and she didn't suffer.

Mom adopted Lena, then Luna, from the Newfy breeder we've known for ages. Lena had been adopted with a pet contract, and as every good breeder should do, the breeder had also included a right of first refusal in the contract. She was shocked, then, when a fellow fancier said she thought she had seen Lena in a kennel/rescue in Colorado. Our breeder had her for a few years, but couldn't afford to keep a neutered dog, so she asked mom if she'd take her in. Mom is a huge sucker for dogs (where do you think I got it?), and when the breeder offered Lena at no charge, well, that was that.

Lena had been with mom for many years. I think all this happened after I moved nearly 10 years ago, but it seems like Lena has always been there. She's always been a steady girl; wild and crazy playing was for the kids. But she had a true love affair with sticks. Mom called the game "Lena sticks," reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh dropping sticks off the bridge then watching them float to the other side and down the river. Lena loved to chase sticks, VERY insistently, whether there were any around or not, but she wasn't so great on the bringing them back. Consequently, the sticks that were thrown became smaller and less stick-like the longer the game whent on.


Since we lost Baron around 15 years ago, and I had practically no pictures of him, I vowed I wouldn't get caught without pictures of my dogs again. Unfortunately, since I didn't live with Lena, I don't have nearly as many of her as I do of other dogs. Both of these pictures are from our trip back home a few years ago; as you can see in the second one, Lena is eagerly waiting another Lena-stick to be thrown.

Romp happily and chase your sticks, Lena-lady. You will be missed.


Thank you for the lovely tribute to Lena.

lena was a sweetheart and i am so glad i got to meet her. hugs to you and your mum.

Very sorry to hear about that, thanks for sharing.