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Breeding-facility = puppy mill in Minnesota

For those 1 or 2 readers who don't know me, or the remaining readers who aren't interested in my canine political agendas, this post might be one to skip. It has to do with the ethics of dog breeding, an issue that almost all of my friends and aquaintances have heard me spout off on more than once.

I first read this article in today's MN Daily, the U of M campus newspaper (in true Daily fashion, I can't find the article on their website...maybe tomorrow?). I opened my mouth to protest, and literally no sounds came out. Then I went to the Star Tribune to find more info. Apparently the issue that is throwing this facility into doubt is that of debarking.

But at what point does allowing a breeding facility for "up to 600 adult dogs and an unspecified number of puppies and non-breeding dogs" make sense?

"Writing for a three-judge panel of the Minnesota Court of Appeals, Judge R.A. Randall threw out the County Board's conditional-use permit issued to Gary McDuffee. He wants to operate a dog-breeding facility for up to 600 adult breeding dogs and an unlimited number of puppies and nonbreeding dogs."

AT WHAT POINT???!!!???? Further in the article in the Strib, we see that this joker, and I would call him that to his face, already operates one such facility:

"Neighbors, later joined by the Minnesota Federated Humane Societies (MFHS), sued the board last year, claiming that another kennel operated by McDuffee had complaints about sick and injured animals as well as bad living conditions.

'It's not illegal to breed dogs in Minnesota, and we've never claimed it is,' said Tim Shields, lawyer for MFHS. 'But you have to do it in a way that treats the animals with the care and respect they deserve, and this proposal did not do that.'"

Tell me, just try to explain to me, how anyone can do the proper research, spend the proper amount of money on health care, and maintain the proper environment for breeding "up to 600 adult dogs"? It simply cannot be done. Period. Nor can anyone "treat the animals with the care and respect they deserve" if there are 600+ dogs. Debarking should NOT be the issue in this case. Unethical, and dare I say, immoral business practices should be the significant concern.

I am so upset about this that my blood is literally boiling.


Thanks for posting on this, Danielle. I heard a short blurb about this on MPR yesterday and meant to look into it further...bastards.

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