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Bulldog Pictures

So here are some pictures of the bulldog girls from the first time they visited last March. Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.

torichloe_small.jpg bulldogbutts1_small.jpg

Aren't they cute? In the first picture, Chloe is on the left and Tori on the right; they're reversed in the second picture.

Now, here are some pictures of the one we don't have this time, Chloe. Note how alert, refined, and generally nice looking she is.

chloe7_small.jpg chloepawball_small.jpg

True, she does look a little wild eyed and crazy with the ball, but that's probably just my picture taking ability.

But this time, this is the dog we get, Tori:

torirolling2_small.jpg torirolling1_small.jpg

I left the one with Payton relatively unedited. Notice the look of terror/confusion on his face as he tries to figure out what this dog is doing? (Also note the "Dog is Nuts" mat...I particularly like that touch.) Tori is actually Chloe's mother. Can you imagine what Chloe would think if she saw her mother acting like this?

Really, though, Tori is perfectly sweet and loveable. See, here she is being cute, sleeping and posing. She and Payton spent some time playing this afternoon. Really cute to watch someone with short stubby legs jumping up at someone with long lean legs. She zooms around the coffee table and leaps onto the futon; they poke at each other a little, then she zooms again.

tori5_small.jpg torisleep_small.jpg


These are way too cute!! Tori does that rolling on her back thing almost every morning when we come in from her morning pee/poo. It's filled with much grunting, huffing, and overall display of silliness. Chloe just goes over to her while she is doing this and helps to "clean" her mom's. . . parts . Let the rumors fly :)