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WoW widowhood

While the hubby continues to be enthralled by World of Warcraft ("enthrall," in this case, meaning "to put or hold in slavery; subjugate: to be enthralled by illusions and superstitions"), I've been amusing myself otherwise.

I've watched the entire Cadfael series available through Netflix, while also knitting the Arctic Diamonds Stole from Arctic Lace: Knitting Projects and Stories Inspired by Alaska's Native Knitters (I don't have the book, but I'd like it *hint* *hint*).

I've also done a little bit of drawing, though not much. I found this newfpup picture online: newfpuppicture.jpg which inspired this: newfpupdrawing.jpg

The scan isn't as nice as I'd like, but at least you get the idea.


Nice! That picture looks a bit like Lando's littermate that we met when we picked him up.