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A Tale of Three Beds?

Did some kind soul take pity on Payton?

So, about two days after I posted "A Tale of Two Beds," a familiar looking box showed up on the front porch. The same style, type, everything type of box that the new blue bed came in. I opened the box V-E-R-Y carefully, so as not to damage any of the contents, and pulled out...the same bed, with the burgundy cover.

No packing slip. The return address is exactly the same, it's my name and address on the box. That's all the information I have.

I've kind of been waiting for someone to ask, "did you get the dog bed yet?" but no one has. An extra charge has not showed up on my Amazon account. No one's contacted us about a shipping error. And we know it's not simply a duplicate shipment because this is not the color I originally ordered.

So I sent this email to the address that was on the advertisement card that was the only paperwork in the box. Here's the text of the email:

I recently ordered and received a dog bed, Extra Large 43x28 Lounger Dog Pet Bed - Blue. I ordered through Amazon, and the charge is reflected on my credit card bill. About 3 days after receiving the bed, the dog for whom it was intended shredded the foam interior. Thinking that was the end of the bed, I gathered all of the foam confetti into a trashbag and threw the bag out. Since the cover was still perfectly intact, I simply put it over my other dog's bed.

Imagine my surprise when I came home from work yesterday to find a new bed on our front porch. The box was addressed to me, and it is the same type of Pet Supply Factory box that the first bed came in. This one, however, is burgundy. There is no packing slip, so I am somewhat at a loss as to why this new bed showed up. I did post the incident on my blog, but I haven't heard of a company that sends replacement beds when they've been summarily despatched by the recipient. Did some other kind soul take pity on my currently bedless pup?

If this is simply an error of duplication (which also seems a bit surprising since the color on bed 2 is different than the color on bed 1), what would be the next best steps? Bed 2 has not left its protective bag, so bed-destroying-pup doesn't yet realize he has another potential victim. On the other hand, he is still bedless, so might be able to restrain himself from a second round of destruction.

Please advise.

I sent that on May 9, and have still not heard back. Notice that I mentioned my blog entry, but did not actually link to it (though I considered doing so because I thought they might find Payton in Remy's bed amusing. Even if I had included the link, I wouldn't expect any company to send a replacement like this. If I had blogged about a problem, maybe. But this, um, problem, had nothing to do with the bed or the company.

Anyone out there willing to claim taking pity on a poor bedless dog? (He hasn't had a chance to shred the new bed because I don't want to have to send a shredded bed back, if that's what ends up happening. So he's still bedless, or Remy is, since Payton has now laid claim to every comfy spot in the bedroom that the humans don't use.)



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