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A Tale of Two Beds

While we were at Slate Creek in March, Payton discovered Remy's bed. We've had this bed for about as long as we've had Remy. It's a nest bed sized for a medium dog, and Remy fits in it just perfectly. Payton, not so much.

This became a fairly typical scene at the lodge (click any image to enlarge):

In fact, Payton didn't even seem to care if Remy was already in the bed, as shown in these two pictures:
Remy's looking at Payton as if to say, "Hey, wait! What are you doing here?"
Then, "Mom! He's in my bed!"

This behavior continued even after we got back; we'd find Remy under our bed again because Payton had squeezed her out of her bed (it was particularly nice because the back wall of the bed kept Remy from wriggling her way under our bed and needing extrication at 2 or 3 in the morning).

So, we did what any responsible parent would do, and got Payton his very own Extra Large 43x28 Lounger Dog Pet Bed - Blue large dog sized nest bed. And bed technology has come a long way; the new bed has nice, thick foam. It's really cushy and comfortable. And Payton fits in it, ensuring comfort as there are no dog parts that have to hang over the edge.

Well, I should say, Payton used to fit in it. We received the bed on Wednesday or Thursday last week. Here's what we found on Saturday:
paytonbed1.JPG paytonbed2.JPG

Yep. The entire thing. Shredded. Confetti made out of nice, cushy, big-dog-bed foam.

Remy now has a nice new cover on her bed, and Payton is back to his previous pile of blankies. Except that he still wants to sleep in Remy's bed. After all, it's the comfy one, right?


We have bought several dog beds from Costco - Astro now has three (!) in various rooms throughout the house. They are huge, round, and fluffy and Astro loves them - and the plus is that he has never eaten them. They are only $18 each!

We have gone through the bed eating also. The beds we have now are from www.seamsright.com. You can see them in photo section of the group page. They are HUGE, and wonderfully comfy. We also have less expensive beds which the boys love too. They are from www.SierraTradingPost.com
They are very good quality for being so inexpensive. Good luck, I know it took us awhile to stop eating the beds, shoes, the sofa, etc. Best wishes, Heather

Sounds like you found the right bed, at the time anyway.