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Dogs on Thursday


I just found a blog for discussing the canine kids on Thursdays. There are many "daily themed" entries out in blogland, such as Illustration Friday, Friday Flowers, Saturday Sky, etc (don't click on "etc." if you're easily offended.... ;-) ). Not all of them have their own separate blogs; sometimes it's just something one person does and then other people take up the same idea.

I actually managed to take these pictures of my kids today, Thursay, and get them posted on the same day, no less!

They're actually being pretty normal in these shots. The first one of Remy on the couch is in the middle of her post-dinner spaz-out routine. She had just dropped the toy she was holding, probably in hopes that I was bringing her something more interesting to eat. The second shot is outside a little later, just sitting and enjoying the cooler temperatures. She tends to hang out on the concrete patio, having developed an aversion of some sort to walking in her own backyard.
remycouch1.jpg remysit.jpg

Payton, on the other hand, is completely unconcerned with where he goes. I had to get these shots after he'd been running around a bit; he was hearing sirens and other dogs barking, so he became a "lert." He was posing regally, as Great Danes are wont to do, but both ears were inside out. Then, of course, he had to go see if the neighbors were up to anything.
paytonback02.jpg paytonback01.jpg

But this was my favorite shot. Usually he can manage to keep at least one of his ears down. How can anyone not love this face?


Really cute pictures!

Heh. If one of our dogs comes over with ears like the last picture, we always exclaim "Somebody pulled your ears off! Where ARE your ears?!?" :)