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No pix cause I had to get rid of the evidence

Good morning to me!

I had a double-bagged paper grocery bag in my office. I had brought in two fridge packs of soda, and needed the extra strength. Because I'm essentially lazy, and didn't really know what to do with them, I just left the bags in the corner of my office.

This morning, I heard rustling. In my experience, rustling = mousies. Not an uncommon occurrence in my office (I just saw one scurrying across the floor the other morning). I can deal with mousies. I didn't really bother to sneak up on the bags, figuring they couldn't see, and even if they did get spooked and run, no biggie.

I looked in the bag, and saw nothing, but still heard rustling. So I gently pried the two bags apart. No mousie. Big (2 inch) cockroach. Ick. I really do not do well with anything with more than six legs (starfish, maybe, but even they are a little suspect). And I just cannot squish bugs other than mosquitoes. Even when they are in a bag.

So, I roll down the top of the bag, and stuff the whole thing into one of the big trashcans in the hall (read: NOT IN MY OFFICE!) and come back into my room. I'm working away, still a little squeamish, when I hear more rustling. From the other bag, the one I didn't see anything in originally.

There's another one. This one is slightly smaller, maybe 1 3/4 inches. But it's already half-way up the side of the bag. I shake it down to the bottom, and repeat the same drill as for the first one. I'm getting squeamish again even as I type this.

There are two bags of cockroach sitting in the trashcan in the hallway. At the moment, they shouldn't be going anywhere. But at least when they're rustling in the bags, I know where they are. Now they could be anywhere. I always claimed I sit with my legs crossed on my chair (yoga style) because my legs are too short for these chairs. Now, I'm not sure that it just isn't a darned good idea.