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Dogs on Thursday

Thursday Dogs04.jpg

I was gone last Thursday and meant to pre-publish, but completely forgot. But we're back today.

I don't have any accessible pictures of Remy, so this will have to be another Payton post.

This is one of his favorite sleeping positions (click the picture for more Flickr pix):


I frequently look over from my computer in the evenings to see him curled up on his bed, nose tucked under paw. And yes, this is the same bed he stole from Remy...it is more or less definitively his. He has the mysteriously-replaced larger bed in the bedroom for nighttime-sleeping, and this one is in the study for hanging-out-sleeping.


Awww! What a cutie :)

I love his curled up sleeping postion!
The dogs on thursday Halloween post will be up soon.