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Dogs on Thursday October 4

DoT Bone.gif

Here are the pictures I promised yesterday of Remy modeling my completed muttluk:

20071003-DSC_0067.jpg 20071003-DSC_0068.jpg


You can see her getting more and more annoyed with a) having the muttluk on, and b) me fiddling around with the camera. In the final picture, she just gave up and decided to ignore me.



Aw very cute, such a good model.

That is so cute. I get the ignore look too when I want Jackjack to model something. :)

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!

What a beautiful dog!

I love the poses.

Great Muttluk too!

Woo hoo! Another person who makes her dog wear handknits! A: Did she get up and walk around with it on? B: Did it stay on? I must know. I must knit.