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I took Annie Modesitt's toe-up socks class at the Minnesota Textile Center last night. Aside from needing a "stop being stupid" button to zap stupid drivers, the night was a ton of fun. Annie is a very laid-back, easy to work with instructor, and I loved her combination of "this is one way to do it, but here's another" hints throughout the class. I was particularly excited because I've never tried knitting socks on circular needles, and never tried toe-up socks, so got to learn both! She calls this class "Muttluks," in part because we make small socks to learn techniques that we can later use for wintertime puppy foot protection.

We didn't have time to completely finish one sock in class, so I finished mine tonight. Here is the finished product, graciously modeled by my little Remy girl. (I'll save the rest of the pictures for tomorrow's Dogs on Thursday post.)


We also had the chance to learn the "after-thought" heel, which is a real winner in my book. Very slick. I can't wait to try a real sock with all of these new techniques.