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Campus Guardians

I recently wandered around to some of the buildings near mine over the lunch hour. We have a few gargoyles, chimeras, and other interesting folks/critters adorning some of the buildings around campus.

So this evening when I opened my browser (my home page is the U of M home page), I found it rather amusing that the gargoyles were also featured there. Here is the text:

"Eye in the sky
One of four gargoyles--or chimeras--watches over the Twin Cities campus from the roof of Folwell Hall. The eight-foot-tall creatures adorned Folwell when the building first opened in 1907, then disappeared a few years later. The U had replicas made from looking at historical photos. This month marks the end of an 18-month restoration project on the exterior of Folwell, the grande dame of campus buildings. The U's 2008 Capital Request seeks funds for interior upgrades."

The picture won't be there long, because the webpage is a "dynamic Web 2.0 (?)" webpage that cycles information so that visitors to the site won't get bored. Or something. But if you get there in the next day or two, you'll probably see the gargoyle picture they chose.

This is my picture, more or less of the same critter:


Here is a series of these gargoyles on Folwell Hall (as always, click the pictures for larger images). I think they look more like dragons, myself. There are four of them, two on each long side of the building:

20071116-DSC_0029.jpg 20071116-DSC_0031.jpg 20071116-DSC_0032.jpg 20071116-DSC_0033.jpg
20071116-DSC_0034.jpg 20071116-DSC_0057.jpg

(It's pretty bad when the light starts failing at the end of a noon-ish lunch hour....)

Then there are the faces around the building. When you look through these pictures, it should come as no surprise that this building houses the language departments, the cultural studies departments, the ancient and near eastern religions departments, etc.:

20071116-DSC_0038.jpg 20071116-DSC_0044.jpg

20071116-DSC_0035.jpg 20071116-DSC_0036.jpg 20071116-DSC_0037.jpg 20071116-DSC_0039.jpg 20071116-DSC_0040.jpg 20071116-DSC_0041.jpg 20071116-DSC_0042.jpg 20071116-DSC_0043.jpg

More later...I haven't finished Folwell Hall, let alone shown my favorite campus gargoyle....