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Dogs on Thursday 11-1-07

Remy Payton playing 1.jpg

Remy is just about to be eaten by Payton. She doesn't know it yet, but she will soon.

Remy Payton playing 2.jpg

He's moving in, closing in on the kill.

Remy Payton playing 3.jpg

Oh no! He's moving in on the belly! Run, Remy, run!

Remy Payton playing 4.jpg

Oh, the carnage. Payton made it to the throat. It's all over now. Poor little Remy.

Note: No canines were harmed in the shooting of these pictures. These are professionally trained actors, performing the roles they play every single day.


Now there's a playful puppy! And just a gentle nudge from Payton. Cute.

I love it when the doggies git to rasslin!

Very funny photos.....The doggies are too sweet.

Could Remy look any cuter?! She looks like she's giggling and have a grand time! Cutie-cute!

Great pics!