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Dogs on Thursday 11-29-07

I missed Thanksgiving DoT. Today is going to kick my butt at work, so I'm just going to give a few pix here without much commentary.

One of the nice things about my building is that most people don't really care what goes on here, so dogs are not unusual in the offices. Here are a couple visitors just from this week.

First up is Lilo, a 3-4 month old Yorkie who lives with a woman who works for the Army (she is actually not military, though her husband is). I'm not a small dog fan, but this one is pretty darn cute. She reminds me of an ewok from Star Wars.

20071126-DSC_0056.jpg 20071126-DSC_0052.jpg

Then we have Sophie, my boss's dog, just after a hard hour's work on a couch from a therapy workshop for the law school students.

20071128-DSC_0022.jpg 20071128-DSC_0023.jpg

I'm thinking about bringing my kids in on Friday.