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Puppy-Mill Action Week

Caution: Link-heavy, but most of the links are to my site

John Woestendiek, writer for the Baltimore Sun and author of Mutts blog reminded me that the Humane Society of the United States has declared the week of November 25-December 1 Puppy-Mill Action Week. Their campaign is to educate people about puppy mills and encourage adoptions from shelters rather than buying pets through pet stores. This issue is one of the ones that I am the most passionate about. I should probably start a new category for my entries about breeding and adoption issues.

The writer of another blog I read posted a little while ago about not buying pets from pet stores. She received some somewhat defensive comments from well-meaning people who felt attacked for buying from pet stores. Some of the arguments are that their purchase "rescued" the dog from the store, especially when told that if they didn't buy the dog, it would be sent back. Yes, I wish I could go in and buy out all of the pets and make sure they go to good homes and lead good lives. But until EVERYONE realizes that buying pets from pet stores will only perpetuate puppy-mills, that defense will not work. Legislation, legal challenges, boycotting pet-selling pet stores, and other civil actions are the only ways puppy-mills will be shut down.


I can't believe that anyone in this day and age can defend buying pets from pet stores. I go one step farther and refuse to buy ANYTHING from a store that also sells puppies. (Dogs are the main ones I worry about. Rats and gerbils and hamsters, not so much.)