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My boss just sent me the R.E.A.D. website link. She does therapy dog work with her girl, Sophie. This is the very program I want to get into with Remy. The acronym stands for Reading Education Assistance Dogs. Click either the link or the picture to go to the website itself.

I've always been a big reader. When I was in 4th grade, my mother and a friend's mother went to the obligatory parent night, where the teachers were providing tips and tricks for getting kids to read. My mother and my friend's mother both wanted to know how to get their kids to stop reading. I read all the time (don't seem to have as much time now, though). I always had a book in class, I always packed 8-10 books for trips because one never knows how fast one will read, or what one's mood will be; I always went to bed late because I just wanted to read one more (and one more and one more and one more) chapter, and I mostly "forgot" my after school chores because I was so engrossed in a book. My best trick, though, was when I was sent to clean my room and discovered a book buried on the floor and never got the room clean because I'd start to read.

So, given my obsession with dogs, my love of books, and my interest in education in general, this type of therapy work seems appropriate. I'm going to just ignore the one thing that will pop into everyone's mind who knows me, and pretend that it won't be an issue. After all, the wonderful thing about volunteering is that I get to choose how to devote my time. If this doesn't work, I'll find something else, but I do really want this to work.