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My gchat status puppy...

For those of you who might have been wondering about said puppy this time (as in, why am I still/again trying to convince the husband that we need a great dane puppy), here are some pictures of the as-yet-unnamed wee one. Even though the baby girl didn't come home with me (even though I offered to double what my co-worker paid), my co-worker did end up adopting her for her mother. These were taken on 12/14 here in my office (click for larger pictures):

DSC_0176.gif DSC_0155.gif DSC_0100.gif DSC_0104.gif

Yes, her eyes really are that beautiful grey color in the first picture. She was napping under a chair in my office when I took that one; so much excitement with so many new people can make a puppy-girl sleepy. Her eyes will probably change to a brown later on, but they are so beautiful right now. And I particularly like the last picture here, where her ears make her look like she's flying.

Agghhh! Me wants a puppy! The husband mentions things like space and remodelling and traveling and practical stuff like that, but how could anyone not want one of these? :-)


ooh, super cute. I love that color. And those floppy ears!