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DoT: Dogs on Beds

The dogs are loving the house remodel. Because we're sleeping downstairs, they have full access to us and the bed. Our usual bed upstairs is quite a bit higher off the ground (probably close to 3.5 feet to the top of the mattress), and the kids are not allowed on the bed. But since we're sleeping on the futon in the living room, two things have happened to the kids' advantage: 1) they are closer to us, so poking mommy in the ribs or licking her face just means a slight lift of the head from the laying-down position, and 2) they get to sleep on the bed when we're not there.

Here are some pictures of both of them enjoying their domain:

20080130-DSC_0098.jpg 20080130-DSC_0099.jpg 20080130-DSC_0100.jpg

Not to be outdone, Remy also wanted to show off her sleeping talents on one of the many dog beds they have scattered around the living room:



Those are some great pictures. Abby likes to lay like that with her head hanging off. Remy has so much more hair than Abby thought. My sister's golden Lucy looks just like Remy they could be twins. :)

The bed belongs to them, no doubt about it. My Trinket can put himself in all kinds of strange positions when he sleeps, a leg dangled here, or a nose up there. But then sometimes he curls up in a perfect ball, you can't tell where he starts or ends.

Your dogs look so regal...then there's Remy being cute Remy!!

LOL! Funny and they do take any opportunity don't they?

Good luck with the remodeling. Enjoy the extra bedside company...and then enjoy having your own bed back to yourself when everything is done.

They are both gorgeous!

You have big dogs, too. There is no way Grover is getting on the bed. He weighs 125 lbs.

We have two Jack Russells and it is amazing how much room they can take up on a bed. They are only allowed there for short periods of time, but they like to act as wheel chocks, one on each side of me, so I can't turn either way. The little one thinks nothing of walking wherever he wants to. Last week he was in a hurry to get to the other side of the bed and he stuck a foot in my mouth. I ran for the Listerine! We never allowed dogs on the bed until one of them died unexpectedly several years ago. Now it's Dogs Rule!