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Dogs on Thursday: Entry Redux

I confess, I'm a slacker. I don't have anything new for DoT. However, since I just saw on the interwebs/tubes/thingy that today is "Take Your Child to Work" Day, I thought it might be appropriate to refer back to this post: "Take your dog-ter to work."

I still work at the same place, and still have this wonderful option. Just yesterday, my boss brought her dog, Sophie, to work. After their lunchtime walk, she told me about all of the smiles Sophie elicited. Similarly, I just gave a blogger soliciting random advice to go to a dogpark or someplace where dogs are playing and happy whenever you feel depressed. I've also noticed the smiles dogs bring to people's faces, particularly when I walk them here on the U campus. Along the same lines, Sophie and my boss participated in a therapy-dog event at the Law School last spring--they brought dogs in for the law students who were studying hard for finals.

And, once more, don't forget about the contest I'm running for people sponsoring me in the Walk for Animals and MS 30/60 Bike Tour.


How lucky to be able to take your dog with you. I'm not quite so lucky and must leave my big baby at home.

You are lucky you can take your pup with you to work!

I am retired now but I wish I could have taken my dog to work. I always workied about Charli before I retired.